Extraction Services

There are numerous benefits of the plant Cannabis sativa which is divided into two main categories – marijuana and hemp. Both marijuana and hemp contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is more famous because it offers numerous health and medical benefits. CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps with anxiety. THC is more famous for its psychoactive abilities that are the reason for so-called “high”. The hemp plant contains more CBD along with little amounts of THC.

This perfect ratio of CBD and THC makes the hemp plant perfect to produce high-quality CBD extracts. These extracts are also called hemp extracts. CBD can easily be used for its relaxing effects and anxiety reduction properties without causing the ‘high’ effects. It also helps cure depression. The hemp extract contains large amounts of cannabinoids such as CBG and CBD that have positive effects on a person’s health and promotes the well-being of the body. The hemp extracts are perfect to gain the benefits of CBD because it is more comprised of the non-psycho-active substances. THC is the substance known for its psychoactive effects. However, THC is only present in minimal concentrations, usually less than 0.3%, in hemp extracts. Such low concentration of THC produces no noticeable effects.



There are phyto-chemicals in the hemp plant. CBD is one of those phyto-compounds. These phyto-chemicals are present in the vegetal cells of the hemp plant. The hemp extracts such as CBD oil, capsules, creams, lotions, tinctures, and other supplements are produced by isolating and extracting the CBD. A proper extraction process is required to release the beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp plant. These cannabinoids include CBD, CBG, and terpenes. There are several methods that can be used for hemp extracts. The popular methods include ethanol extraction, supercritical CO2 extractions, and hydrocarbon extraction.



We also offer top quality CBD Ethanol Extraction Services. It is a single stream process. The extracts are produced under cold or warm conditions. Ethanol extraction is safe and cost-effective. High quality products are produced through this service.


We are experts when it comes to CBD production. We have a team of experts who are well-researched and experienced when it comes to CBD. We understand the importance of CBD extraction. It is a necessary step when it comes to high-quality production of CBD supplements. One should not take risks when it comes to health. That is why it is always advisable to go for the most experienced and professional companies. CBD extraction is a very crucial step. It is extremely essential and the quality of the CBD products depends on this process. Only the most professionals should do it. We advise you to get our CBD extraction services because we provide high quality CBD extraction. We use top of the line equipment for the CBD extraction. This is because we believe in providing only the best to our customers. Equipment plays a huge role in high quality extraction of the hemp. We have specially dedicated extract labs CBD where all the extraction takes place. We have experts at our CBD extraction lab who make this complex process possible and simple. They are the heroes when it comes to producing the best quality CBD supplements.

High Quality

If your previous experience of hemp extraction was not good, then you should get our services this time. We aim to provide consistent extractions with zero impurities. Our team of experts at Altrxlabs provides phenomenal services when it comes to hemp extraction. We verify quality throughout every batch. It is our top priority to give you exactly what you need so that you can benefit from a range of CBD products. Our special CBD extraction lab has the best quality equipment that guarantees perfect CBD production.


Altrxlabs provides the cleanest, safest, and highest standards. The extractions that take place at our labs stands out from the rest of the market. Our extraction process is different from the industry because we deal with loads of hemp in a day. In order to ensure quality, we use the best solvents available. We take every action we can in order to ensure that there are no impurities remaining in the hemp extraction. Our main objective is to satisfy our clients and give them exactly what they demand. You can benefit a lot of from our safe and pure hemp extractions.

The Process

Our company has years of experience in the hemp program. Experts at Altrxlabs are adept in separating the compounds completely and making sure that there are no contaminants remaining in the end. The process of extracting hemp has certain important steps such as extensive washing that ensures that the end result is free from all the impurities or solvents.